The Private Affairs of Bel Amibased on the novel by Guy de Maupassant. United Artists. Directed by Albert Lewin, music by Darius Milhaud. With George Sanders, Angela Lansbury. (Albert Lewin asked Leonor Fini and eleven other artists to do a painting on the subject of the temptation of St. Anthony to be used in the film, the choice to be made by Alfred H. Barr, Jr., Marcel Duchamp, and Sidney Janis. Max Ernst’s work, closely resembling that of Leonor Fini, was chosen.)


Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare. Production J. Arthur Rank and Universalcine, Verona. Distributed by United Artists. Directed by Renato Castellani, cinematography in Technicolor by Robert Krasker, music by Roman Vlad, costumes by Leonor Fini, with Lawrence Harvey, Susan Shentall, Flora Robson, Lydia Sherwood, Norman Wooland, Mervyn Johns. Filmed in Italy and at Pinewood Studios, London, summer 1953. Running time: 2 hrs, 16 mins. Lion d’Or at the 1954 Venice Festival.

Le Carosse d’or (The Golden Coach), based on the play, Le Carosse du Saint-Sacrement, by Prosper Mérimée. Production Delphinus, Panaria Films, Hoche Productions. Directed by Jean Renoir, cinematography by Claude Renoir, costume design by Maria De Mateis and Leonor Fini (uncredited, for the costumes of Anna Magnani as Camilla), with Anna Magnani, Odoardo Spadaro, Duncan Lamont, Nada Fiorelli. Filmed at Cinecittà Studios, Rome.


Danse à Versailles, court-métrage de Raymond Larrain tourné à la Rocaille du parc de Versailles. Radius Production. Musique : suite de J.-S. Bach, costumes de Leonor Fini, dansé par Michel Renault, Andrée Lelièvre, Violette Verdy.


Danse à Versailles, short by Raymond Larrain. Radius Production. Music: suite by J. S. Bach, costumes by Leonor Fini, with Michel Renault, Andrée Lelievre, Violette Verdy. Filmed in the Rocaille in the gardens at the château of Versailles.


Clorinde et Tancrède, filmed version of Claudio Monteverdi’s madrigal Il Combattimento di Tancredi et Clorinda for Canadian television, TV Montréal. Directed by Enrico Fulchignoni, sets and costumes by Leonor Fini, choreography by Deryk Mendel, with Dominique Dupuy. Produced by Pierre Mercure.


Le Comédien, short directed and written by Jacques Thierry, cinematography by Jean Gluck, with Pierre Brasseur, Daniel Gélin, Francois Perrier. Production Astra Films, Paris. Leonor Fini designed two masks for this film.


8 1/2, produced by Angelo Rizzoli. Directed by Federico Fellini, music by Nino Rota, cinematography by Gianni Di Venenzo, costumes designed by Pietro Gherardi and Leonor Fini (uncredited). Filmed at Cinecittà Studios, Rome.


A Walk with Love and Death [Promenade avec l’Amour et la Mort]. Production de la 20th Century Fox. Mise en scène de John Huston, adaptation du roman d’Hans Koningsberger, photographie de Ted Scaife, musique de Georges Delerue, costumes de Leonor Fini, avec Anjelica Huston, Assaf Dayan, John Nuson / premier assistant : Richard Overstreet. Tourné en Autriche et en Italie dans l’été 1968.

Sorti en France en mars 1971, en présence de John Huston.



Reportage sur un squelette ou Masques et bergamasques. Television film produced by ORTF (French public television). Directed by Michel Mitrani, scenario by José Bergamín and Michel Mitrami, music by Jean Wiener, sets and costumes by Leonor Fini, with Robert Etchevery, Maurice Garrel, Pierre Arditi, Daniel Emilforke, Judith Magre. Broadcast on ORTF channel 2, 24 March. Running time: 1 hr, 45 mins.